Our Tale

Our planet provides for all of our needs, nurturing the physical body as well as the mind & spirit through her Earthly creations. Botanica Bunny utilizes the power of plants alchemized with loving intentions to restore & balance the holistic self the way Mother Nature intends.

The creation of Botanica Bunny is inspired by a genuine desire to provide safely effective, high quality natural beauty & wellness products magically complimenting to ALL.

Handcrafted with all natural, certified organic, and fair-trade ingredients. Each order is freshly made. No pre-made products unless noted otherwise. All products are thoughtfully formulated and tested on human friends for effective, yet non-toxic results. The FDA loosely regulates the cosmetic industry, allowing thousands of companies to use harmful ingredients without reviewing or launching products without approval (unless they contain over-the-counter drugs).

Botanica Bunny products contain NO synthetics, parabens, sulfates, mysterious “fragrances”, or anything of the like! ONLY all natural and organic plant-based ingredients from trusted ethically sustained sources. Everything in my shop is created in a vibrational state of pure love for the ultimate good of your holistic being, from my heart to yours!

Enchant your daily ritual

– Jessica Teresa Brito

Certified Holistic Skincare Practitioner 

Founder & Owner of Botanica Bunny

Est. 2016