Our Tale

Skincare and beauty transcend the surface of your being connecting with your inner natural magic. 

Botanica Bunny infuses healing botanicals into natural creations to nourish your temple the way Mother Nature intends.

The creation of Botanica Bunny is inspired by a genuine desire to provide safely effective high quality beauty products magically complimenting to ALL. Our planet provides for all of our needs, nurturing the physical body as well as the mind and soul through her Earthly creations.

Our products are handcrafted with all natural, certified organic, and fair-trade ingredients, as pure from the Earth as can be to naturally care for skin, hair, and body. Every product is freshly made and thoughtfully formulated. Always tested on human friends for effective, yet non-toxic results.

Botanica Bunny products contain NO synthetics (parabens, sulfates, mysterious “fragrances”) or anything of the like only all natural and organic plant-based ingredients from trusted sources.

Everything in the shop is created with love and peace for the ultimate good of your being from my heart to yours. Honor your body with healing botanical magic the way Mother Nature intends.

Honor the divinity within.

Enchant your daily ritual!

Est. 2016