Natural Remedy: Banana Hair Mask

Hair masks are a perfect way to revitalize dull, lifeless hair. Our hair goes through a lot, varying from hot water, harsh products, heat damage, you name it. This recipe brings the life back to my hair, smoothing out the frizz, giving it a protective shine; all with the items in your kitchen.

What you need:


1/2 a banana

1 tbs olive oil OR coconut oil (for extra damaged hair)

1 tbs milk

1 tsp honey (for frizzy, dull hair)

Start by chopping half the banana into smaller pieces, eat the other half or double the portions to use it. Place the chopped banana pieces into the blender. Add one tablespoon of olive or coconut oil and one teaspoon honey. Blend until the hair mask is smooth, leaving no pieces of banana to get stuck in your hair.

Once you’re finished place the hair mask mixture into a separate container. If there’s more than necessary, pour remaining amounts into an ice tray to save in the freezer (just microwave or pour hot water over the cubes and stir).

Apply the hair mask evenly to clean hair. Leave it in for 15 – 30 minutes. For extra moisture and conditioning wear a shower cap. Rinse out the hair mask thoroughly with cool water. Afterwards style your hair or just braid it before bed for a protective style.

– Jessica Teresa

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