Skincare Ritual Guide

Follow this guide created to familiarize yourself with our skincare products.

Learn how to customize your very own skincare ritual perfect for your special self & demystify the purposes of essential skincare products you hear all about, but can’t seem to wrap your head around.

Skincare & Holistic Beauty

Nowadays you can find all sorts of innovative skincare products with various uses on the market. Created with the naturally occurring plants from our Mother Earth plus loving intentions, Botanica Bunny is here to provide magically healing products for all of our bodies AND spirits.

The products in shop are made with a holistic understanding of the delicate nature of skin, which requires the highest quality, honor, and care (learn what holistic beauty is here).

Harsh, damaging synthetic ingredients and chemicals such as parabens, phalates, etc. are never used and should be avoided for happy, healthy skin. Only all natural raw and organic ingredients are used resulting in gentle yet effective results.

(FYI every product shop page includes an informative tailored description of the properties and listed benefits to assist with navigation & identification of uses best for your skin type!)

Follow the guide below to understand the basic functions of skincare products, when to use them, and which ones are best for your skin type with an enchanted twist!

Three essential magical skincare steps for balanced skin & spirit, enchanting your beauty ritual #TheSkincareTrinity:

Cleanse, Tone, & Moisturize!

1. Cleanse

Cleansers & Face Washes

Purpose – Washes away debris, dissolves built-up grime, breaks down dead skin, cleanses excess acne causing sebum/oil, & loosens up any dirt or impurities clogging pores. Avoid cleansers with harsh ingredients ( like alcohol or fragrance) which dry out skin.

How to use in your skincare ritual – If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, stick to cleansing your facial skin once daily towards the evening to cleanse skin of the debris collected throughout the day.

In the morning skin is not dirty when properly cleansed the night before. Cleansing in the morning will strip skin of the natural oils protecting and balancing oil production.

To remove excess oils, wipe away with a toner. For properly cleansing skin with makeup, it helps to began cleansing with an oil or oil-cleanser to breakdown tough makeup and rinse away easily with a normal liquid-based cleanser.

  • Find the Purify Face Wash here, Flower Power Oil here, & Green Glow Oil here.


Purpose – Smooth out rough textures & remove dull, built-up dead skin in order to reveal renewed skin. This product is commonly sold in physical & chemical forms.

How to use in your skincare ritual – Avoid coarse abrasive scrubs on facial skin such as salt, sugar, coffee grinds, etc. These textures can cause micro-abrasions on the surface of skin, creating scratches and scars, creating an opening for bacteria to be deposited.

There are increasingly more and more chemical exfoliants provided by beauty brands. There are two or technically three types of chemical exfoliants to look for: AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) including glycolic acid, BHA (Beta hydroxy acids) you know salicylic acid, & natural enzymes which usually from fruit like the enzyme in Pineapple, bromelain. This natural acid digests and breaks down the protein making up the composition of dead skin cells on your face!

Both dry & oily skin types should only use exfoliants once a week or less. Sensitive skin limit to once a week as well and avoid harsh physical exfoliants.

  • Find the Fairy Dust Facial Scrub here.

Facial Masks

Purpose – Extra care for helping heal skin imbalances and treat various skin concerns, enhancing the overall appearance of skin with multi-purpose ingredients.

How to use in your skincare ritual – Follow the directions since face mask formulas vary from weekly to daily use depending on the intensity. Daily use of facial masks are usually rare, since with skin, less is best.

  • Find the Muddy Bunny Face Masks here.

2. Tone

Face Toners

Purpose – Applied to skin to remove left over cleanser. A toner comes in liquid form and lightly cleanses dirt from skin, rebalances pH level & stabilizes oil production. The liquid composition helps rehydrate & replenish skin with added nutrients following cleansing skin since cleanses tend to wash away oil from skin.

How to use in your skincare ritual – This versatile product can be used to refresh oily skin throughout the day, rebalance pH level after cleansing skin, & even help remove makeup stained onto skin.

  • Currently no Toner specific product available in shop. The Face Serums function as a toner.


Purpose – Lightly moisturizes, hydrates, & improves overall facial complexion. Tends to include nourishing ingredients with nutrients beneficial for skin treatment. Occasionally doubles as a toner.

How to use in your skincare ritual – To allow your skin to absorb the product’s nutrients properly, apply to clean skin. Follow the product directions for more precision.

  • Find the Face Serums here.

3. Moisturize

Cream & Lotions

Purpose – Restores moisture and hydration to skin, reducing dryness and dehydration. The composition usually includes butter, oil, and water. Lotions are thinner compositions with more water than creams.

How to use in your skincare ritual – This combination of moisture and hydration is beneficial for balancing combination skin types.

  • Find the Cream Moisturizers here.


Purpose – Deeply moisturizes skin with a thick texture. It seeps into skin and has a long-lasting effect, sealing in hydration/moisture.

How to use in your skincare ritual – Apply to warm skin so the butter can melt into skin. After showering skin is more soft and penetrable perfect for long-lasting moisture.

  • Currently no Butter available in shop.


Purpose – Parallel to the natural oils within skin, oil is easily absorbed by skin and leaves it deeply moisturized. The right oil for your skin type (dry or oily) will help balance out skin’s oil production and seal in both hydration/moisture, stabilizing the development of acne.

How to use in skincare ritual – For oily skin types an oil with a thin, non-comedogenic composition will absorb into skin not sitting on top of the surface creating a greasy appearance. Oils such as sunflower, grape seed, hemp seed, are light-weight oils.

For drier skin types, the same thinner oils will do just fine. Thicker and denser oils will also provide longer-lasting moisture with smoothing properties without being too oily and greasy.

Use oils in your skincare ritual as the third aspect of the trinity: for moisture!

  • Find the Flower Power Oil (light-weight) here & Green Glow Oil (denser) here.

Et voila! You can find majority of these skincare products in the shop. Listed in order (first to last) of proper steps. Not all of these products are recommended for everyday use, especially for minimalistic lifestyles!

I hope this blog post provides you with beneficial information for your skincare ritual & navigating through the Botanica Bunny shop! Now that you have the information you need, enchant your skincare ritual & receive 15% off your next purchase with this secret code: BLOGBUNNY

-Jessica Teresa

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