Facial Masks 101

Self-care is a buzzword (or buzzphrase) hopping all over the place these days instantly bringing to mind images of pampering, relaxation, luxurious lounging, and of course, face masks! Though like most things, there’s a certain way to use beauty masks in order to reap the most benefits for your lovely skin.

1. Prep Your Skin

Before application it’s best to make sure your skin is freshly clean. A clean base allows for the nutrients to seep into and treat the facial area more effectively. Make sure to not use too cold or hot water. Too much heat can cause irritation, damage, and inflammation to sensitive skin, making skin unprepared for a deep treatment.

  • Exfoliating beforehand if your mask doesn’t provide exfoliation will allow the nourishing elements to further penetrate skin and will also help create a more radiant after effect.
  • Best to apply after showering or steaming skin, this is when skin pores are expanded, ready to absorb nutrients & moisture

2. Follow The Directions

Make sure to follow the directions of the product. All face masks vary from one another, from their purposes to ingredients creating different effects and uses. Allows leave the mask on for the amount of time recommended for best results.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Face masks are wonderful treatments for both gradual and instant results. Though too much of anything isn’t good for you. Excessive facial mask usage can overwork skin, from over-drying to irritating skin. Even simply not giving skin enough time to process the effects — a break — can cause irritation and further damage. Unless you’re using simple ingredient formulas, have very oily skin, or the product instructs so, daily use is not recommended.

4. Avoid Application onto Rashes, Cuts, & Irritations

When applying your mask avoid rashes, open wounds or simply irritated skin. Doing this will eliminate the chances of discomfort or provoking the area more than neccesary.

5. Test First, Use Later

Especially for the delicate skin bunnies, when trying out a new face mask (or any product) always test patch an area of skin. Check to see how skin first reacts in a smaller area to avoid dealing with an irritated, chemical reaction all over your face! Trust that you don’t want to play with that. Areas like the inner arm or neck are delicate areas of skin similar to the face which will provide an equal reference. Apply the mask to the area according to the directions, if no irritation or negative reaction occurs then you’re good to go! For extra-padded, safe results wait 24 hours after rinsing off to see how the area will react more long-term.

6. Apply to Areas, Besides the Face!

Masks are wonderful for deep treatments daily products don’t cover and quick pick-me-ups. Detoxing masks are wonderful for areas of the body with acne and even the armpits! Did you know many deodorants contain heavy metals and toxins which penetrate skin into the bloodstream? Well, now you know! Mask treatments with purifying ingredients such as activated charcoal and bentonite clay pull these remnants lodged in skin’s pores. Consistent use will help deodorant work more effectively as well as decrease body odor!

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I hope this information provided you with some beneficial skincare insight. Take care & enjoy!

-Jessica Teresa

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