How organic & natural are Botanica Bunny products?

All the ingredients used to craft Botanica Bunny products are never toxic, mostly organic, always naturally grown (no pesticides, hormones, or chemicals), free from synthetics, dyes, and fragrances! Ingredients are carefully selected from trusted sources. A safe natural preservative is used to expand the shelf-life of raw formulas. Botanica Bunny products are only tested on humans, never on animals.

Are Botanica Bunny products Vegan?

Our product formulas are 100% Vegan with plant-derived ingredients! The previous non-vegan formulas with honey & beeswax have been substituted with more than effective replacements. Botanica Bunny also only consensually tests on humans, not animals!

What skin type are Botanica Bunny products made for?

First and foremost, our products are crafted with sensitive skin in heart and mind, excluding harsh ingredients, synthetics, unnatural dyes, and fragrances! This makes Botanica Bunny products suitable for dry, combination, and oily skin. Although everything is natural, always test patch a small section of skin when trying new products to avoid irritations on even larger areas. Natural ingredients can inspire irritations and allergic reactions too!

Which products will work best for my skin type?

Follow this skincare guide created by yours truly to familiarize yourself with skincare products and learn how to customize your very own skincare ritual perfect for your special self! If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact with questions for a mini consultation.

International shipping?

Botanica Bunny now provides world wide shipping with USPS! Please contact if any issues arise.

What is the process for orders?

Once an order is placed, an email will be manually sent to the customer to confirm their order within 12 hours. I am a one woman business and craft each product freshly upon order. Crafting orders takes 5 – 10 business days (Saturday, Sunday & U.S. National Holidays are not included).  If the process takes longer than estimated you will be notified via. email.

How long does shipping take?

This depends on the shipping destination and which day of the week an order is sent. Orders are shipped everyday of the week except for Sunday. On average an order takes 1 – 4 business days. Once an order is shipped, an email will be sent to the customer to notify their shipment.

To expedite shipping, directly contact through the “Contact” menu feature or send an email to hello@botanicabunny.com

Which shipping service is used?

USPS First Class & Priority Mail

Return/Exchange/Refund Policy

All orders are final due to the made-to-order nature. No returns, exchanges, or refunds. I am not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please make sure to provide the correct shipping address including room # for apartments. You can keep up with your shipment using the given USPS Tracking # via. email.

Made a mistake? Need to cancel your order?

That’s no problem baby. You can contact us within the 7 hour grace period once the order confirmation has been sent. Once this time has passed, your order cannot be cancelled or altered as it has begun the order process.

Did your order arrive damaged?

We take extra care and precautions for product packaging to ensure their protection once they leave our possession, yet mistakes can still occur. When a product is damaged during shipping transit with certain circumstances, a replacement or refund can be allocated with our discretion. Please send an email including images of the damage to hello@botanicabunny.com.

Want to be featured on our website & social media?

We love to interact with you. Submit your very own product pictures, demos, videos, reviews, beauty/wellness/self-care blog entries, whatever you wish to create, to our email hello@botanicabunny. You will receive creator’s credit and even a one-time shop discount of 15% off. Entry will be reviewed and feedback will be received within 12 – 24 business hours!

Want to be a PR Botanica Bunny?

Are you passionate about beauty, wellness, and/or self-care? If you’re drawn to Botanica Bunny products & would like to support the brand, this may be your chance to be one of our brand ambassadors.

This will experience will include: receiving free products, privilege to help test upcoming products, your very own discount code to shop with & a discount code for your audience, readily equipping you to share what you love about our botanical magic with the world via. social media platforms and word of mouth! You must be a U.S. resident with an interactive platform.

Provide your info through the “Contact” menu feature or via. email to hello@botanicabunny.com, please include in your application:

  • Your name
  • Information about you!
  • How did you discover Botanica Bunny?
  • Have you used any B.B. products before?
  • Which products would you like to promote? Why?

Interested in bulk purchases?

If you would like to order a large quantity or wish to stock Botanica Bunny products, please inquire via. email.

You may also include in the message detailed info describing your business, why you’d like to stock Botanica Bunny products, & which products you’re interested.

 If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact or email hello@botanicabunny.com.