Hydration vs. Moisture…

When it comes to the world of skincare, the words hydration and moisture are constantly bouncing around. So what’s all the hype about? Hydration and moisture are similar, yet there’s a major difference between the two.

Hydration depends on water, moisture comes from oils. The composition of skin and hair consists of water and oil making both key factors for healthy, balanced skin and hair.

  • Dryness = lack of oil/moisture
  • Dehydration = lack of water/hydration

Yes this means oily skin needs moisture from oils too! A lack of healthy oil in your products could be just the thing causing your skin to overproduce oil and breakout. Hydrating elements (humectants) bind water to skin and moisturizing elements (emollients) seals it in.

Not drinking enough water, eating non-nutritious foods, harsh outdoor elements, and improper care all together take a toll on the body drying up moisture & dehydrating. Both imbalances can lead to irritated skin resulting in rashes, pimples, breakouts, and blotchy skin.

External elements which effect skin:

  • harsh weather = extreme cold, heat, wind
  • air pollution (smog)
  • smoking

It’s common for many imbalanced skin types to be a mixture of both dryness and dehydration.

Signs of Dry Skin:
  • itchy sensations
  • inflammation/rashes
  • flaky, cracked skin
Signs of Dehydrated Skin:
  • tight/taunt skin
  • dull, lack luster appearance
  • emphasized wrinkles & creases

How can you restore moisture & hydration?

Through internal and external care one can improve their body’s content of water as well as oil.

Dry skin

requires moisture from oil-based products like shea butter and almond oil.

Consuming foods packed with vitamins and healthy fats will reinforce from the inside relief from itchy dryness, restoration of skin’s protective barrier, and assistance with the retention of moisture.Foods like avocado, nuts, fish, etc. are healthy sources.

Dehydrated skin

requires hydration from water-based products like flax seed gel, aloe vera, botanical infused sprays, etc.

Not only drinking water, but also consuming foods packed with water will help keep your inner and outer body hydrated. Cucumbers, watermelons, strawberries, celery, will help replenish skin as well as introduce nourishing nutrients to the body system filling out skin for a more supple complexion. Try infusing drinking water with sliced fruits to enhance the properties as well as taste.

Through this holistic understanding of skin and the aspects of hydration and moisture, one can better achieve a clearer skin as well as a healthier state of being. A true win/win.

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