Moon Water Magic

We are all intuitively connected to the moon. Menstruations are mere reflections of the fluctuating 28 day cyclical phases. Across the world, ancient civilizations honored the lunar cycles and the synchronicity surrounding the events. Many groups associated the nightly celestial object with the feminine mother goddess. In Ancient Egypt, the goddess Isis of magic and healing was the moon deity. The Latin word for moon comes from the name of the Ancient Roman moon goddess, Luna. 

Full moons have a powerful influence on the subconscious, bringing light to the darkness, awakening emotions, and deep desires. When the moon is at its peak illumination point the energy is ripe, full of clarity and healing vibrations. The energy field encompassing Earth becomes amplified and magnified. It’s an enchanting, sacred moment to give celebratory thanks to the universe and soak up the healing, magical forces.

Moon phases, as do other planetary movements, align with one of the twelve zodiac signs channeling the influence of the moon through their perspective. You can create moon water with different qualities and purposes according to the astrological placements. 

The resonance of moon water when charged by the 12 different zodiacs…

  • Aries – bravery, masculinity, strength, physical energy, action
  • Taurus – stability, abundance, comfort, pleasure, patience
  • Gemini – communication, expression, change, humor, adaptability
  • Cancer – protection, nurturing, fertility, intimacy
  • Leo – confidence, creativity, loyalty, passion
  • Virgo – focus, organization, planning
  • Libra – beauty, femininity, balance, justice, relationships
  • Scorpio – transformation, sexuality, psychic enhancement
  • Sagittarius – optimism, faith, wisdom, adventure
  • Capricorn – ambition, career, power, discipline, material success 
  • Aquarius – innovation, intellect, detachment 
  • Pisces – dreams, inspiration, imagination 

Charging not only your metaphysical tools like crystals by the moon, but water as well, is a wonderful interactive way to harness and utilize the magic of a full moon. As water holds and retains memory, it readily absorbs energy.

Use a clean glass container and purified water. Cleanse the container energetically by burning energy purifying herbs or your preferred method for cleansing energy tools. You may place cleansed crystals outside or inside your container for amplified energy.

Create your special intentions and program the water. Place the container in an area where moon light will shine on it, either inside or outside your home. The water and crystals will absorb the light, energy and vibrations from the full moon. Use the charged water to work with the energy of the full moon even long after the phase has passed. 

How can you use moon water?

  1. Drink up – Either drink it all at once or sip a little bit of the healing goodness daily. Mix it into your teas or even add it to your food. It’s all up to you!
  2. Add to your bath ritual – Charge up your bath with full moon water for an extra magical and spiritually purifying experience. 
  3. Create a healing spray – Mist your space down with the water to enchant your area.
  4. Water your plants – Nourish your plant babies with the fertile full moon energy & watch them grow in godspeed. They will thank you for it!
  5. Place on your altar – Incorporate the water element on your personal altar with this magical water. Charge water at the time of certain moon placements for different magical purposes. 
  6. Use your imagination!

Always with love, thank you for reading & enjoy!

– Jessica Teresa Brito

Owner of Botanica Bunny
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