“My face has been breaking out something awful and it’s been painful/tender. So I put the detox face mask (Purify Muddy Bunny Mask) I bought from Botanica Bunny and I can feel it soothing my skin as well as working on the bacteria. I’m so in love with these products.”

– Heather

“I recently started using your products and felt the urge to message you and tell you that you definitely have a gift. I can literally feel the love that you put into your craft every single time I apply any of the products on my skin. Keep it up! You have a new loyal customer.”

– Maya

“The way it (Forbidden Fruit Lip Balm) just melts on your lips is amazing. And it gives it a nice glossy look too!


” I used to have really bad acne when I was 12 and through high school. It kinda went away but I still have break outs. So I decided to pick up a night routine where I wash my face and moisturize. So my wife got some serum, face masks, and moisturizer made by Botanica Bunny. I started this routine a week ago and almost all the acne I had under my neck has gone away. I highly recommend her stuff, It’s working wonders for me and It’s cruelty-free. I’ve honestly never felt such good about my face until I noticed what this routine did. I’ll wash my face, dry with a clean towel, use the serum, and moisturize before bed. I’ve tried everything from proactive to other acne treatments, this has worked wonder”

– Nico

Great Beard Balm. My beard is coming in beautifully thick, dark, etc.”

– Anonymous

“Wow I’m so thankful for these products!! I received them two days ago and did a mask (Repair Muddy Bunny Mask) that night and put on the oil (Green Glow Oil) afterwards. I usually have to put shea butter on certain areas of my face two to three times a day because of being so dry, but I haven’t had to put anything on since. I immediately noticed the difference and it’s amazing! Thank you so much love!”


“Botanica Bunny stuff always makes me happy. I felt the crystal through the box.”

– Anonymous