Includes: crystal, mesh pouch, energy cleansing herbs, & a short crystal healing booklet

Mystical Amethyst enhances intuition, strengthens psychic senses, & heightens understanding.

The vibrations inspire relaxation, peace, clarity, & even sobriety. Place the crystal under your pillow before sleep for lucid dreams, preventing nightmares, remembering dreams, or to help with insomnia.

Associated with:

  • Third Eye & Crown Chakra
  • Pisces
  • Neptune

Each crystal is about 1/2 inch in diameter & is intuitively selected, washed, energetically cleansed, & charged by the sun or moon.

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Amethyst encourages intuitive healing, mental clarity, psychic enhancement, & much more by strengthening the higher chakras: third eye and crown.

The ancient Greeks & Romans believed wearing amethyst would bring about sobriety preventing drunkenness. Amethyst cups were used to drink wine and beer.

(Color varies, Size about 1/2”)

*Disclaimer: this is not intended for medical use and should not replace medical treatment. I am not a licensed physician*


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