Aura Scrub


Exfoliate away dry skin for a soft touch while banishing any lingering negative energy within your aura.

Physically –

  • detoxes skin
  • softens rough textures
  • provides lasting moisture
  • fades scars & improves complexion
  • reduces ingrown hairs

Spiritually –

  • clears and purifies dense, negative energy
  • provides energetic protection
  • inspires peace, positivity, clarity, and relaxation

Made with natural sage leaf, lavender, peppermint, sea salt, coconut oil, sunflower oil, organic raw cane sugar, and more!



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Directions: Use during or after bathing. Scoop some scrub into your hand & rub in circular motions to exfoliate skin. As you scrub away, visualize the stagnant, negative energies clearing from your being, then warm white light filling you up with peace & love. Rinse off the scrub & pat skin dry with a towel for extra soft results. Follow with a moisturizer for added hydration.

Before or after you finish the whole product, take the stone out. Program it with your energy and intentions. Hold the stone in your left hand or carry it in your pocket on the go.

**In the center of this ritual scrub is a raw black tourmaline stone. Just like plants, crystals have their own unique vibrational field. This stone has a grounding and protective energy. It transmutes negative energy, repels harmful EMF radiation, eases over-thinking, and much more. Before or after your finish the scrub, carry the small stone in your pocket to bring the healing energy wherever you desire!

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Weight 4 oz