Bright Eyes Serum Roll-On

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Illuminate dark circles & banish puffiness.

Packed with repairing antioxidants plus soothing anti-inflammatory properties, the Bright Eyes Serum is perfect for gently rejuvenating the eye area.

  • gently moisturizes & nourishes eye area
  • brightens dullness
  • reduces inflammation
  • repairs & prevents damage
  • diminishes premature signs of aging (wrinkles, spots, etc.)
  • improves suppleness

Apply the Serum to your beautiful face with the intention to calm your skin, mind, & spirit to activate the magical properties. 

10 ml

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Brighten & tighten the eye area with the help of the powerful healing properties of organic green tea leaves, chamomile, lavender & more infused into repairing grape seed oil and sweet almond oil.


Apply the serum to clean skin under the eye and on the eye lid in a sweeping motion 1 – 3 times. Allow to seep into skin. Avoid direct contact with the eyes (rinse out with water if so).

**Natural products can irritate skin too and the eyes are a sensitive area. Test patch a small section of skin when trying new products to avoid irritations or allergic reactions on even larger areas.**

4 reviews for Bright Eyes Serum Roll-On

  1. barbarabernier21

    I love the smell and I love how easy the application is. My under eye area has been a lot more smooth after a few weeks of using this. I usually pair it with my eye cream but I honestly think this is working better than my cream now lol. Very pleased!!

  2. Julie

    Love this stuff! Works amazing and smells good too!

  3. Erin Logan

    I absolutely recommend this product!!! I’ve been using it since I got it last week and have immediately seen results immediately. I have been searching for an under eye serum for a LONG time. So happy to have found this product and can’t wait to try more from this shop 💖

  4. Maya Rose

    I am a firm believer that one is never too young to start wearing oil creams/serums. I started using this eye serum as part of my nightly ritual and it makes me feel incredibly calm and at peace. It is like adding aromatherapy to your skin care routine. Green tea, chamomile and lavender might be my favorite scents ever so having them all together in this product is a dream come true. I also have to mention that I have noticed a difference in terms of the energy of Botanica Bunny products have in comparison to other skin care products which are mass produced and you could easily purchase at any drugstore. You can feel that these products in particular are made and charged with love and magic making your skin care routine transform into a daily self-love/care ritual.

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