Enchantress Perfume Oil

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All natural mystical roll-on botanical infused oil.

Awaken the goddess within. Radiate your inner beauty & attract your heart’s desires with this mystical blend of organic flower petals, oils, & pure intentions for Love.

Rose, patchouli, damiana, vanilla bean, Egyptian geranium, plus more love resonate herbs all thoughtfully infused into moisturizing oils to enchant your aura & natural aroma.

Charged under sun & moonlight for enhanced mystical properties.

Apply the oil to pulse points or pour oil into candle wax.

Repeat the affirmations:

  • “I radiate & attract love”
  • ”I embody pure beauty from the inside out”

Feel free to customize or create your own intentions.

10 ml

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1 review for Enchantress Perfume Oil

  1. kimberly

    This scent is AMAZING!! I love wearing it daily

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