Face Wash

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Gently cleanse built-up grime, bacteria, & light makeup without over-drying your skin.

A hydration-packed energizing cleaner formula with organic green tea, activated charcoal, nourishing hemp seed oil, plus more. Scented with balancing peppermint & rosemary essential oil.

  • purifies clogged pores
  • restores skin moisture
  • brightens skin
  • lightly cleanses makeup
  • gently exfoliates 

Apply the Wash to your beautiful face with the mindful intention to purify your essence of unwanted, negative energy to activate it’s magical properties. 

4 fl oz

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Before using, shake the bottle well. Rinse your face with warm water before pouring out a nickel size amount onto your hand. Rub the cleanser into a lather & wash your face in small circular motions. Afterwards rinse off with cool water.

6 reviews for Face Wash

  1. Lauren Pakele

    I love this! I’ve spent so much money on just face cleansers alone and with this one, I have actually seen noticeable improvement in my skin. Thank you for making a cleanser that makes me feel good about what I’m putting on my face. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.

  2. Maya Rose

    I am soooo in love with this cleanser. My skin type is what you’d traditionally call “oily” and for the past 10 years I have been using cleansers with a lot of harsh chemicals that made my skin feel squeaky clean after every wash (i.e. Clean & Clear, Cetaphil, Neutrogena etc.) At first, I thought this was an indicator that I was doing something right. However, I later realized that this is not something to look for in cleansers, ESPECIALLY if you have oily skin, because it simply strips your skin of your natural oils thus forcing your glands to produce even more oil. This cleanser looks and feels natural and gentle, and still gives me that clean feel without stripping my skin of its natural oils. I love the smell too! I will be purchasing this again 🙂

  3. Zehra

    This face wash is literally my FAVORITE! I have oily skin and it really helps control it without drying out my face. It foams up so nicely and smells great. Amazing product to add to your skincare!

  4. Zehra

    This face wash is AMAZING! It feels and smells so great! I use this duo with the glow oil and my redness and pores are minimizing!

  5. Devanae

    I’ve been using this wash for about 3-4 days now and my face is starting to clear up! Not only that but it’s so moisturizing and doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped! Love this. My new go-to facial wash!

  6. GB

    My FAVORITE cleanser so far. Like the other reviews, it doesn’t dry my face out like most cleansers and my face feels so clean after (also use on my neck and chest). My face has cleared up so much since using this and started showing results after about a week. Redness has gone away, peeling gone, pores have tightened up, and my skin tone has seemed to even out a lot. I feel like my skin looks so much healthier and is glowing now. Love these products.

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