Facial Steam Drop


Create a simple, ultra-pampering spa experience in the comfort of your home with healing Facial Steams.

Pop this all natural Facial Steam Drop into a bowl of steaming water and place your face in the rising vapor for a skin-renewing affect that’ll leave skin glowing! Made with balancing lavender, calendula, rose & more.

  • deeply hydrates skin with lasting moisture
  • softens rough textures
  • improves suppleness & elasticity
  • soothes minor irritations
  • detoxes impurities & unclogs pores
  • balances oil levels treating acne
  • relieves coughs & congestion
  • makes skin glow!
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As the drop dissolves and the flowers steep into the hot water, they release their nutrients into the vapor. Leaning over the steam during this process allows skin to deeply absorb the benefits, revealing hydrated & refreshed glowing skin.

The steam encourages blood circulation in the face, increasing regeneration of new skin cells as well as smooth suppleness. Facial steaming has also been found to help relieve coughs and aid in nasal decongestion.


Steam for 5 – 10 minutes with clean skin. Place the steamer in a large heat-proof bowl of steaming hot water. Sit comfortably with face about 12 inches away above the bowl with an air-tight covering over head like a blanket or towel to enclose steam from escaping.

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