Fairy Dust Facial Scrub

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Gently exfoliate skin with a delicate touch.

Reveal skin’s radiance & soft texture with this magical blend of clay, oats, and flowers. 

  • gently softens
  • regenerates skin cell growth
  • brightens complexion
  • evens tone & fades scars
  • repairs skin damage 
  • soothes redness & inflammation

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Made with all natural soothing oats, regenerating clay, & healing flowers. No salt, sugar, or any other coarse textures damaging to facial skin included.

The high content of vitamin A and C within roses help boost collagen levels of skin improving suppleness of skin as well as increasing brightness of complexion and toning pores.

Within chamomile, oats, rose, lavender, and cornflower lies potent anti-inflammatory properties, helping eliminate redness plus signs of inflammation.

Antioxidants within chamomile, cornflower, and lavender prevent and reduce skin damage from free radicals.

The bentonite clay detoxes skin of clogged impurities while gently breaking down built up dead skin cells and grime.

All of these ingredients combined creating a gently exfoliating formula doubling as a facial mask with natural skin-softening & healing properties.


Apply a small amount of the scrub to wet facial skin, massaging throughout skin using circular motions then rinse of the residue. To use as a exfoliating mask, mix water into a separate amount of dry scrub on a dish or the palm of your hand until it becomes a paste-like consistency and apply to skin. (Do not add water to the whole product/tube)

1 review for Fairy Dust Facial Scrub

  1. Zehra

    The packaging is so cute ! I love the exfoliating feeling of the fairy dust. It’s not too rough. I use it daily and it doesn’t dry my skin out, it actually feels great. It does get a little messy, but the overall product was great.

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