Green Glow Oil

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A thin repairing oil infused with healing yarrow leaves, perfect for nourishing damaged skin & hair.

  • penetrates skin & hair with lasting deep moisture
  • repairs damaged skin cells
  • strengthens & softens brittle hair
  • evens tone & fades scars
  • reduces inflammation
  • clears & brightens skin improving complexion 

Containing organic hemp seed, neem, sweet almond, vitamin e, sunflower, & yarrow leaf infused oils naturally fragranced with lavender, bergamot, & frankincense.

The perfect deep treatment oil moisturizer for skin troubles (irritation/inflammation). 

Compare to the Flower Power Oil, the perfect everyday oil moisturizer for all skin types.

2 fl oz.

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A light oil with a thin consistency perfect for moisturizing without a heavy feeling, clogging pores, or weighing down hair.

Ways to Use:

Rub into skin after cleansing to gradually fade scarring, calm redness or irritations, increase suppleness, balance complexion, brighten skin, and even treat acne by balancing out excess oil production.

Massage a small amount into hair to rejuvenate dull locks, control frizz, strengthen, and repair damaged hair.

Add a few drops of oil to your body cleanser, cream, shampoos, etc. for extra nourishing.

Remove makeup by rubbing drops of oil onto facial skin and wiping away residue with a cotton ball, cleansing and moisturizing afterwards.

2 reviews for Green Glow Oil

  1. Paige

    Amazing. I love this oil! I feel like it’s really calmed my redness and soothed my rough skin. I haven’t tried it on my hair yet, but I may need to based on how well it’s done on my skin! 🙂

  2. claudia

    i used this stuff on my super dry and damaged hair and wow it worked amazing, my hair looked and felt so much better after using it, it’s become a staple in hair care. plus i use it to moisturize my face like twice a week over my regular moisturizer and it makes me face look and feel so fresh and soft, i have oily skin so i don’t use it every time but i love it

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