Flawless Face Mist

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*Now sold in 8 fl oz bottles, no longer 4 fl oz*

Refresh on the go & improve skin with the all natural Flawless Face Spray.

Organic rose, calendula, aloe vera, witch hazel, plus more are used to calm, repair, & correct skin complexion while also holding makeup in place (without any of the store-brought toxins & synthetics).

  • hydrates skin
  • evens, smooths, & brightens complexion
  • lightly tones pores
  • calms irritation & reduces redness
  • seals & protects makeup looks!

4 fl oz.

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Directions: mist onto skin, 12 inches or arms length away from your face, before or after applying makeup & even throughout the day to rehydrate/cool skin. Keep in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect.

Handcrafted with Pure Energy in Virginia

1 review for Flawless Face Mist

  1. Paige

    I’ve been using this as a toner for the most part, and I’ve been loving it! I love that this product is alcohol-free, so it doesn’t dry out my skin when it’s nice & supple in the morning. The witch hazel scent is a bit strong, so just keep that in mind if that scent is not your favorite.

    I can’t comment on this product as a face mist because for some reason my spray bottle is a little wonky—it leaks, so the product mostly dribbles out of the top & doesn’t actually spray. So I’ve been taking the cap off and pouring the product straight onto a cotton ball and using it as a toner. But this has worked fine for me, and I would still absolutely recommend!

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