Herbal Hair Tea


Revitalize dull, frizzy damaged hair & encourage healthy hair growth with a fresh Herbal Hair Tea consisting of softening marshmallow root, hydrating hibiscus, repairing calendula, soothing cornflower, & much more.

Simply infuse the Herbal Hair Tea bag into hot water in a heat-proof container, allow for it to cool, then pour the Herbal Hair Tea over clean hair (strain herb remnants from liquid if necessary). Rinse out hair with cool water or squeeze out the excess and air dry hair to allow the nutrients to further nourish.

  • conditions hair
  • reduces frizz & dryness
  • softens rough textures
  • repairs damage
  • adds shine
  • soothes itchy scalps
  • lightly cleanses
  • improves manageability & reduces tangles

Packaged in unbleached 100% natural tea bags.

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