Magic Salve


Limited edition deeply repairing Healing Salve.

Infused with raw honey, rose, calendula, strawberry, grape seed oil, vitamin e, & more natural ingredients to help repair with a magically healing effect.

Created under the late spring strawberry full moon energy in sagittarius inspiring a free-spirited nature, wisdom, peace & clarity with every use. 


  • deeply moisturizes
  • seals moisture & hydration
  • protects from dryness
  • softens rough textures
  • repairs scars & damage
  • calms inflammation
  • soothes itchiness 

Thick consistency perfect for a deep moisturizer, spot treatment, lip balm, hair enhancer, whatever your mind can fathom— It’s all natural!

Apply the Salve to your beautiful self with the mindful intention to receive the healing energies of the strawberry full moon to activate the magical properties. 

1/2 oz.

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