Muddy Bunny Mask Trio Kit

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Purify, repair, & brighten varieties of skin types with organic clay-based masks packed with rejuvenating botanicals.

Each mask is blended fresh with pure ingredients & intentions ready for your skin.

2 oz

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Every Face Mask is blended fresh with all natural & organic ingredients ready for shipping.

Purify Muddy Bunny Mask:

Detox troubles, oily skin all the way down to the pore with organic seaweed & activated charcoal.

Freshly blended with organic activated charcoal, bentonite clay, blue-green algae, green tea & more to deeply eradicate toxins, clear out acne-causing oils, repair skin damage, and fix pesky skin imbalances for purified skin.

(Great for combination, oily, & acne-prone skin.)

Repair Muddy Bunny Mask:

Gently soften & repair dry, irritated skin this exfoliating face mask.

Freshly blended with organic kaolin clay, ground oats, marshmallow root powder, calendula, rose, aloe vera gel, & more to alleviate dry skin, calm rashes, increase suppleness, & reduce redness.

Eliminate rough, flaky areas with the gentle natural exfoliates. Rub the mask onto your skin in circular motions to reveal bunny soft skin to the touch. No harsh exfoliants like sugar or salt are used.

(Great for all skin types.)

Brighten Muddy Bunny Mask:

Get that golden hour glow naturally with skin brightening turmeric & balancing cinnamon.

Freshly blended with organic kaolin clay, bentonite clay, turmeric powder, ground cinnamon, chamomile, ethical pure honey, plus more to brighten up dull or sallow skin, correct uneven tones, as well as fade away old scars.

(Great for dull, combination & damaged skin types.)


All made fresh for each order with a natural, non-toxic preservative. Store the products in a dry, cool area or fridge for a long lasting shelf-life. (4 – 8 weeks)

2 oz



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