Purify Muddy Bunny Mask

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Detox troubled, oily skin all the way down to the pores with organic seaweed, charcoal & more.

Freshly blended with organic activated charcoal, bentonite clay, chlorella, blue-green algae, detoxing green tea, & more.

  • detoxes impurities
  • unclogs pores
  • balances oiliness
  • fights acne
  • repairs damaged skin cells
  • evens tone
  • brightens skin
  • soothes skin irritation (redness, acne, etc.)

For combination, oily, & acne-prone skin.

2 oz

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4 reviews for Purify Muddy Bunny Mask

  1. Karoline Yesterdaye (verified owner)

    I am in LOVE with their products. The consistency of the Purify mask is smooth, no weird odors or residue left on your fingers that you don’t need for the skin. All the ingredients are identifiable. This feels like a free face lift happening on my skin in real time and for way less money. Thank you guys so much

  2. Karoline Yesterdaye (verified owner)

    I am in love with this mask. Easy ingredients to identify with , goes on amazingly smooth. No weird smells.

  3. Faeryn (verified owner)

    This is the ONLY face mask I’ve ever tried that actually does the trick and clears up my skin! After just a month of use, my skin is much softer and this helps with my acne scars as well. It goes on so smooth and it’s very easy to wash off too. Highly recommend!

  4. Zee (verified owner)

    I LOVE the feeling and results of this mask!
    It doesn’t over dry my skin, it actually helps control how oily my face is. Even using it back to back nights my skin was feeling great. I would use the mask and end with the purifying face serum. Such great products!

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