Ritual Body Scrub Kit


Crafted with the loving intention to enhance the body, mind, & spirit.

Soften up skin & enlighten your spirit with the ritualistic botanical body scrubs, topped off with lunar-charged crystals for extra healing properties.

The Aura Scrub exfoliates away dead skin while dispelling lingering negative energy from your energy field.

The Sweet Heart Scrub softens up skin while harmonizing your vibration with love & your heart to attract your true desires.

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Aura Scrub

Exfoliate away dead, dry skin while dispelling any lingering negative energy.

Sea salt is used for detoxifying skin & clearing negative energy. Sage is traditionally used for purifying as well. Lavender has protective & cleansing properties, welcoming a peaceful, positive sensation. Peppermint is found to ease tension & clear feelings of negativity. Together these healing tools of Earth create an amazing blend for raising vibrations. All infused into nourishing coconut oil, sunflower oil, & organic raw cane sugar.

Placed in the center is a raw black tourmaline stone. Just like plants, crystals have their own unique vibrational field. This stone has a grounding and protective energy. It transmutes negative energy, repels harmful EMF radiation, eases over-thinking, and much more. Before or after your finish the scrub, carry the stone in your pocket to bring the healing energy wherever you desire!

Sweet Heart Scrub

Indulge in the delightful floral aroma, reflecting on worries limiting you from harmonizing with your heart’s true desires.

Wash away these worries as you rinse off the scrub from your skin, replacing them with affirming feelings & visions of peace & love, or create your own unique ritual perfect for you!

Placed in the center of the Sweet Heart Scrub is a rose quartz or “heart stone”. Before or after you finish the product, take out the crystal & familiarize yourself with your new ally. Hold the Rose Quartz in your left hand or carry it in your pocket on the go to inspire comfort, peace, understanding, & love.


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