Rose Mist


*Now sold in 8 fl oz bottles, no longer 4 fl oz*

Enchant your physical & spiritual being with the essence of fresh roses handcrafted into a lovely Rose Mist.

Roses are an ancient symbol for love, beauty, peace, romance, and divine femininity. It has been recorded Cleopatra’s living quarters were filled with rose petals so once Marc Antony meets her, he would remember her each time he smelled roses.

  • soothes inflammation (redness, itchiness, rashes, acne, etc.)
  • eliminates bacteria & treats acne
  • lightly tones pores
  • helps skin retain moisture
  • repair damage & improve skin complexion
  • promotes healthy hair growth
  • strengthens & softens hair
  • attract & inspire love

Every Rose Mist is infused with organic dried rose (rosa centifolia) petals & pure rose oil. Including tiny rose quartz crystals, some call a stone for the heart, to enhance the loving vibrations.

Apply the Mist with the mindful intention to enhance love, beauty, compassion, & romance to activate it’s magical properties.

Use the mist on your skin, hair, & as a non-toxic deodorizer.

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Roses have a multitude of benefits. The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties adds on to its pleasant fragrance. Great for all skin types, the properties are found to treat acne causing bacteria, naturally tone, help skin retain moisture, soothe irritations like eczema, reduce redness, repair damaged skin cells, & more, overall balancing skin complexion.

Also amazing for hair, the gentle astringent & antiseptic properties soothe itchy scalps, strengthen hair at the roots, & stimulates blood circulation promoting hair growth. The high content of vitamins & flavonoids altogether naturally condition, moisturize, & soften hair with a natural aromatic effect.

Through hertz, the energy force of roses have been measured & are found to have the highest vibration amongst all flowers. All of the holistic properties, physical & spiritual, of roses make it a wonderful healing tool for the body, mind, & soul. Roses are commonly used to attract & radiate love, encourage feelings of beauty, calm senses, & stir sensual feelings.

To amplify the rose properties physically and energetically, a rose quartz crystal is added to the mist. Rose quartz have been found to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and reduce redness. A crystal for unconditional love, associated with the heart chakra. It holds a gentle feminine energy of compassion and comfort. Rose quartz crystal connects directly to the heart center, dissolving emotional trauma and blockages to renew space for acceptance and divine love.

Handcrafted with Pure Intentions in VA

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