8 Beauty Tricks for Natural Oils

The natural oils in our shop are infused with nutrient-packed organic botanicals and high quality oils both skin and hair adores.

Skin, hair, and even nails naturally produce oil. Our shop oils were formulated to harmonically interact with the body, helping balance all skin types & nourish hair varieties.

It’s even important for oily skin to adequately moisturize with oils in order to assist with maintaining the imbalanced oil production of skin! A lack of oil will stimulate a surplus of sebum to produce, causing excessive oils to sit on top of skin leading to acne. The correct oil for you skin type will help maintain the natural oil production of skin. I promise!

There’s a plethora of uses for oil in your beauty ritual. Read below 10 ways to benefit from it:

  1. Apply to split ends – massage into split ends after conditioning or before styling to repair damaged follicles & bring dead ends back to life.
  2. Warm up & massage body/hair – place the bottle in a sink or container filled with warm water for a couple of minutes (Do not microwave! This will cook the oils & deactivate all the nutrients) . Massaging the scalp with warm oil will not only deeply moisturize dry scalps, but also stimulate hair growth.
  3. Mix into moisturizer – add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer or mix the two products in the palm of your hands for extra moisture.
  4. Massage into cuticles & nails – add a drop onto each fingernail then massage the nail area for improved appearance and healthier nails.
  5. Add to bath water – mix into your bath by dropping some oil near the running water to help prevent sensations of dryness after bathing (be careful not to slip when exiting the tub).
  6. Use as an oil cleanser & makeup removerTo cleanse, prepare skin by rinsing your facial area with lukewarm water then massage a generous amount of oil as you would a cleanser. Rinse off & repeat again or as needed. The oil lifts and breaks down dirt, grime, and makeup. Follow with a normal cleanser or use as a substitute (recommended for sensitive/dry skin). To remove makeup, begin by massaging a generous amount of oil to skin, breaking down makeup. Gently wipe away mixed residue with cotton ball or makeup cloth and repeat as needed.
  7. Add to shampoo for extra moisture – mix a few drops into your shampoo to avoid drying out hair through the process and restore the stripped natural oils.
  8. Use a Makeup Primer – apply at the beginning of your makeup routine to protect & prepare skin. Allow to soak & set into skin.

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